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About Us


Our story begins with Ben leaving his nine-to-five office job, with a dream of supporting his local community and the planet by, you guessed it, selling bread. Equipped with his passion for the environment, and the emergence of the global pandemic, it soon became clear that his community, and the planet, needed some love. was born. After discussing his ideas with a small group of friends it was David who jumped at the chance to get involved where he could, and helped Ben to get things off the ground.

The small team came together only weeks later after Ben tore his Achilles' tendon just 48 hours after receiving the bike, and 2 weeks before the planned launch. After meeting Rich, Sarah and Felipe who all reached out offering support through Instagram, it was clear that they also shared the same passions on which was founded. After a little delay and reworking the plan, launched its first deliveries on the 24th August 2020!


It is difficult not to be moved by images of environmental devastation. Put simply, we all need to consume less, and consume smart. We recognise that this is easier said than done, with confusing or misleading packaging and palm oil hidden in everyday products. That is why we have done and will ever continue to do the hard work for you. You can trust to be the gatekeeper for ethical consumption.

Thoughtful Packaging

Single-use packaging is a relatively recent problem, and Ben looked to the humble milk-person for inspiration. Why, he thought, could the daily basics we all use, including bread, milk and eggs, not be provided in high quality reusable packaging. That is why almost all of our products are delivered in reusable packaging – please leave this out for us to collect!

Ben also went one step further in deciding to not pass on the cost of the packaging to customers - why would anyone want to pay for something when they don't need to? When our customers buy milk, bread, eggs or other things from us, they're paying for just that. simply lends you the bottles, bags and boxes for up to 28 days. In returning these, they're not only ensuring we're sustainable as a business, but they can consciously know they're not producing any more unnecessary waste for the planet. Milk bottles can be infinitely reused if properly looked after - and we love our packaging as much as our products!

Where the packaging is not yet reusable or recyclable (on a very limited number of products we sell), we're working closely with our partners on sustainable solutions. For example, we made the decision that providing a vegan egg alternative was important for our customers and at present there isn't a suitable alternative air-tight packaging solution available.

Protect the Planet

We only have one planet. That is why every single one of our products has been hand-picked by Ben as a high-quality, ethical, local and sustainable option, with each product is kept under constant review. Not only that, but deliveries are made on the instantly recognisable “bread-mobile”, our e-cargo bike which is also recharged every few days by 100% renewable energy. Finally, 1% of every order will be donated to an environmental charity, as part of our membership of the 1% For The Planet initiative.

Local Community

Ben believes that a business should support and give back to its local community. That is why is committed to paying at least the London Living Wage as well as donating 1% of every order to local charities, chosen by its customers. Ben developed the 1% For The People initiative to parallel's environmental pledge - so you could say is its first member! Ben is also working with other local and lockdown-founded businesses to help grow and support other people who found themselves in the same position in 2020.

Further to this, products which are not sold are donated to a local food bank. will also soon be opening a café and refill station in Royal Docks, to act as a hub for the local community.