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Dear customer,

We're experiencing significant disruption to our service throughout 2022. We haven't tried to make excuses and have done all we can to provide a high level of service to everyone but we are now in a position where we have to provide facts - not excuses - for where we may have dropped the ball recently.

Earlier this year we were once again the target of vandalism. Those who've followed our story will know that we were also broken into in February 2021 which was already a devastating blow to the business and to our finances, and our plans to open our coffee shop in May 2021.

This time 2 vandals attempted to steal the breadmobile, and in the process caused around £1,500 worth of damage to the bike. This was reported to the police and I filed a claim with our insurance provider. Due to the lack of evidence, the police informed me they would not investigate, and after 10 weeks of phone calls and providing countless additional documents, the insurers informed us they would reject the claim due to loopholes within the policy. Had the bike remained on the property it would have been covered, but as it was moved (quite literally only 30 metres) it was not covered.

Many of you will know that Loaf.ly is a tiny business which I started during lockdown. I had no government support, this business has had no Covid grants, I wasn't able to even open a business bank account in 2020 and we've had no other financial support. Quite literally everything you see of the business I have done with my own hands. I am not currently in the financial position to fix the bike as the amount of work needed across several parts of the business has stretched me to breaking point having given this business everything I have - and that's on top of not having taken a salary in 2 years.

In 2022 I have had to use car shares and rent ZipCars in order to fulfil all the deliveries - additional further costs I've had to absorb on very tight margins alongside a host of well-documented issues with supply chains, rising costs of staff and utilities, and other logistical challenges. This had led to delays and I can only apologise these continue to affect us and you.

Please know I - along with Vadim, Daniel and Marty - am doing all I can to get our services back to normal, as well as developing the website and growing product options to fit squeezed household budgets. There just aren't enough hours in the day for me to do it all right now when the operation of the business needs to continue running.

I'm also aware that our problems are dwarfed by those being faced in the world right now which is another reason we aren't looking for sympathy or to make excuses for our operation. It is what it is and we'll fight our way out of it. But it's only right that I make you aware of our incredibly challenging circumstances for you to be able to make a decision when you place an order or are expecting a delivery from us that there is a high chance we'll be running late or won't be able to respond to messages as quickly as we'd like. Know that I will never leave anyone out of pocket and you will get a response from me as quickly as I am able to.

As always, thank you to all those who have supported and continue to support our journey.

"Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one."

...with loaf,