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Blood Orange LemonAid

Blood Orange LemonAid

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This liquid delicacy contains plenty of blood orange juice topped up with grapefruit, orange, lemon and a hint of cherry. Could it get any better?

New soft drink – time-honoured concept: fresh, organic ingredients without any additives, Fairtrade-certified.

Blood orange from Sicily
— Dark and sweet

Fresh organic orange
— Lovingly squeezed

Just the best – nothing less
— No chemicals, no nonsense

With every bottle that’s bought, Lemonaid aims to help people and communities to help themselves. Focusing on parts of the world frequently disadvantaged in the global economy, we want to support local initiatives which work to improve social, economic and ecological structures. This is why we support the Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation with 5 cent / pence from every bottle purchased. Since January 2010, we’ve raised more than € 4,000,000 which the Foundation can now put to good use for a variety of social projects in the growing regions.