Chocolate Milk (1 litre)

Chocolate Milk (1 litre)

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This chocolate milk is made with only 100% Fairtrade cocoa powder blended with the milk of your choice. Choose from:
- whole milk
- semi-skimmed milk
- almond m*lk
- coconut m*lk
- oat m*lk

No added sugar as our milks are sweet enough! But you can of course sweeten to your taste.

This is made and bottled in London to order.

1 Litre 
Use within 7 days of receiving the product unopened and within 3 days of opening, keeping refrigerated at all times and shake well before use.

Whole Milk: contains DAIRY
Semi-skimmed Milk: contains DAIRY
Almond M*lk: contains NUTS
Oat M*lk: contains GLUTEN

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