Organic Choc Haz Braz Butter

Organic Choc Haz Braz Butter

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The newest product from Nutcessity; this 'Choc Haz Braz' nut butter is their take on the ever-promiscuous chocolate spread. 

Try me:
On crêpes or American pancakes, or swirled into hot milk or hot chocolate... :)

Made using toasted hazelnuts, brazil nuts, coconut, cacao powder and Deglet Noir Dates, this very-slightly-sweet spread is a nutty & coconutty no added sugar nut butter, made using only the highest quality ingredients.


Organic ingredients: HAZELNUTS, coconut chips, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, BRAZIL NUTS, Deglet Noir dates, cacao & unrefined salt.
May contain traces of SESAME or other NUTS.

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Packaging: This item is sold in a glass jar. You are welcome to recycle the packaging or return it to to reuse and recycle on your behalf.