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Single Origin - Speciality Coffee




Forest Blend
Tastes like: red grape, honey, black tea
Origin: Rwanda

It’s no secret, we love to carefully blend coffees - the name is a bit of a giveaway... But even we have to admit, many specialty grade coffees are just so tasty and vibrant, they deserve to shine on their own.

And our current Single Origin is not one to be missed. We have a stunning washed Rwandan coffee that is lightly roasted to bring out the Red grape, honey, & black tea flavours. 


The coffee is produced at the at the Nyarusiza washing station in Nyamagabe, one of three stations operated by Buf Coffee. 

The company is owned and operated by the dynamic business woman Epiphanie Mukashyaka and her son Samuel Murhiwa

To create this coffee, Red Bourbon cherries from over 150 small scale farmers are collected during the harvest season. At Nyarusiza, the cherries are pulped, washed, dried and sorted (by hand) and then sent to Kigali to be prepared for exportation.

Ordering & Delivery

We aim to deliver on your chosen delivery day between 4am and midday. As well as houses, we can access a growing number of apartment complexes overnight with security clearance (where a 24h concierge is in place, or you have provided a fob for our rider to access the building - not apartment - for example) and are working with more each week. We will only deliver to you where we have to knock at the door or ring an intercom after 8am.


This product must be ordered before midday 2 weekdays before your chosen delivery date:

  • Monday delivery: unavailable
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All subscription orders are placed and charged automatically before delivery:

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Once an order is placed, it cannot be amended within these timeframes. Due to the nature of our products being perishable goods, no refunds or returns are accepted for unwanted orders.

Packaging Return & Additional Charges

No charges apply when packaging is returned to us timely and in good condition.


Our service relies on you being part of our community and facilitating the reuse of packaging until the end of its usable life, when we will commercially recycle it. Timely returns enable us to provide the best level of service to all our customers.


We aim to be a zero-waste service, and have invested in the packaging to make sure your delivery arrives perfectly each and every time. All reusable packaging must be returned to us within 28 days for us to thoroughly clean and put back into the delivery cycle. This can be done by simply leaving it outside your door the night before you have a delivery, handing it back to us when we knock with your next delivery, or by arranging a collection by getting in touch with us. Any damaged or non-returned items will be charged at cost.


  • Cool bags: returned with each new delivery, £5 for non-return or damage
  • Glass bottles: 28 days, return rinsed with lid and tag, £1.50 per non-return or damage
  • Cotton bags: 28 days, £5 for non-return or damage


You may also return any other packaging for us to commercially recycle with our recycling partner, First Mile, who have a zero-to-landfill policy. You can also recycle any of the packaging not listed above with your council household collection rounds.